Age: 22

Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Platform Issue: Giving is a Gift

Talent: Vocal – “The Music of the Night”

College Major: Communications

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Masters of Public Service degree

Secret Wish or Dream: To learn to play the cello

My Defining Moment: When I visited Haiti and saw what it was like to live in a developing nation.

Bio: Maggie never imagined she would be a “pageant girl,” but shortly after becoming involved, she realized that the Miss America Organization helps young women become leaders, role-models, businesswomen, and a spokesperson. She strives to be the bold, influential, and warm-hearted woman that Miss America is supposed to be. On June 17th, a five-year dream came true when Maggie was crowned Miss Arkansas 2017. The hours of hard work and preparation has finally allowed her the opportunity to travel and promote her platform, “Giving is a Gift,” that strives to help communities understand what a gift it can be to give.