Miss Alabama Kathryn Hayley BarberMiss Alabama 2016 Hayley Barber
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Sight for Small Eyes – Advocacy for Comprehensive Eye Examinations at a Young Age, and Fundraising for Children with Low Vision
Miss Alaska Kendall BautistaMiss Alaska 2016 Kendall Bautista
Talent: Piano
Platform: The Power of One – Making a Difference
Miss Arizona Katelyn NiemiecMiss Arizona 2016 Katelyn Niemiec
Talent: Baton Twirling
Platform: Bullying S.T.O.P.S. Here
Miss Arkansas Savvy Janine ShieldsMiss Arkansas 2016 Savvy Shields
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Eat Better, Live Better
Miss California Jessa CarmackMiss California 2016 Jessa Carmack
Talent: Dance
Platform: “Building a Healthy Future” by instilling a healthy lifestyle for our youth
Miss Colorado Shannon PatillaMiss Colorado 2016 Shannon Patilla
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Learning Through Serving
Miss Connecticut Alyssa Rae TagliaMiss Connecticut 2016 Alyssa Rae Taglia
Talent: Dance
Platform: “Smiles for Seniors” – Enriching the Lives of Seniors Across America
Miss Delaware Amanda Nicole DebusMiss Delaware 2016 Amanda Debus
Talent: Contemporary Dance
Platform: All Aware, Allergy Awareness
Miss District of Columbia Cierra JacksonMiss District of Columbia 2016 Cierra Jackson
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Behind the Frontline: Supporting Military Children
Miss Florida 2016 Courtney SextonMiss Florida 2016 Courtney Sexton
Talent: Dance
Platform: Get up! Get moving! Volunteer!
Miss Georgia Patricia Lin FordMiss Georgia 2016 Patricia Ford
Talent: Ballet en Pointe
Platform: Promoting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Miss Hawaii Allison ChuMiss Hawaii 2016 Allison Carol Nanea Chu
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Safe in the Sun
Miss Idaho Kylee SolbergMiss Idaho 2016 Kylee Solberg
Talent: Classical Ballet en Pointe
Platform: Our Words Have Power
Miss Illinois Jaryn Rochelle FranklinMiss Illinois 2016 Jaryn Franklin
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Advocating for Individuals with Disabilities
Miss Indiana Brianna Elaine DeCampMiss Indiana 2016 Brianna DeCamp
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Ray of Hope: Medical Missions
Miss Iowa Kelly KochMiss Iowa 2016 Kelly Koch
Talent: Ballet en Pointe
Platform: Pinky Swear Foundation
Miss Kansas Kendall Ellen SchoenekaseMiss Kansas 2016 Kendall Schoenekase
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Stay Alive – Don’t Text and Drive
Miss Kentucky Laura JonesMiss Kentucky 2016 Laura Jones
Talent: Violin Solo
Platform: W.A.I.T.
Miss Louisiana Justine KerMiss Louisiana 2016 Justine Ker
Talent: Classical Piano
Platform: “A Beautiful Mind: Promoting Positive Mental Health”
Miss Maine Marybeth NoonanMiss Maine 2016 Marybeth Noonan
Talent: Vocal
Platform: “Be Their Voice” – Fundraising for childhood cancer research and providing assistance for families affected by the disease
Miss Maryland Hannah BrewerMiss Maryland 2016 Hannah Brewer
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Hannah’s Heroes
Miss Massachusetts Alissa MustoMiss Massachusetts 2016 Alissa Musto
Talent: Piano
Platform: Changing Keys – Connecting Kids with Keyboards
Miss Michigan Arianna QuanMiss Michigan 2016 Arianna Quan
Talent: Piano
Platform: Being American: Immigration & Citizenship Education
Miss Minnesota Madeline Taylor Van ErtMiss Minnesota 2016 Madeline Van Ert
Talent: Vocal & Piano
Platform: Fine Arts For Kids
Miss Mississippi Laura Lee LewisMiss Mississippi 2016 Laura Lee Lewis
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Mentoring Matters
Miss Missouri Erin O'FlahertyMiss Missouri 2016 Erin O’Flaherty
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Suicide Prevention: We’re All Responsible
Miss Montana Lauren Nicole ScofieldMiss Montana 2016 Lauren Scofield
Talent: Piano
Platform: Planting the Seeds of STEM
Miss Nebraska Aleah PetersMiss Nebraska 2016 Aleah Peters
Talent: Baton Twirling
Platform: Cyberbullying Prevention – Make Kindness Viral
Miss Nevada Bailey GummMiss Nevada 2016 Bailey Gumm
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Autism through a different Lens
Miss New Hampshire Caroline CarterMiss New Hampshire 2016 Caroline Carter
Talent: Vocal
Platform: 1, 2, We: Diabetes Advocacy
Miss New Jersey Brenna WeickMiss New Jersey 2016 Brenna Weick
Talent: Vocal
Platform: A World of Difference: Navigating the Cybersphere
Miss New Mexico Stephanie ChavezMiss New Mexico 2016 Stephanie Chavez
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Stephanie’s Ponytail – How I Learned to Read
Miss New York Camille SimsMiss New York 2016 Camille Sims
Talent: Jazz Vocal
Platform: Encouraging Wellness and Fostering Food Dignity
Miss North Carolina McKenzie Jade FaggartMiss North Carolina 2016 McKenzie Faggart
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Platform: The SAFE Project
Miss North Dakota Macy Marie ChristiansonMiss North Dakota 2016 Macy Christianson
Talent: Contemporary Ballet en Pointe
Platform: You Decide The Road Ahead: Don’t Drink and Drive
Miss Ohio Alice Louisa MagotoMiss Ohio 2016 Alice Magoto
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Beauty Unedited – Redefining Beauty for the Next Generation
Miss Oklahoma Sarah Christine KleinMiss Oklahoma 2016 Sarah Klein
Talent: Classical Piano
Platform: Supporting Our Troops from Deployment to Employment
Miss Oregon 2016 Alexis MatherMiss Oregon 2016 Alexis Mather
Talent: Operatic Vocal
Platform: Mentoring to Develop Leaders
Miss Pennsylvania 2016 Samantha LambertMiss Pennsylvania 2016 Samantha Lambert
Talent: Acrobatic Dance
Platform: Heads Up: Brain Injury Awareness
Miss Puerto Rico Carole RigualMiss Puerto Rico 2016 Carole Rigual
Talent: Monologue
Platform: Children Victims of Sexual Abuse
Miss Rhode Island 2016 Shruti NagarajanMiss Rhode Island 2016 Shruti Nagarajan
Talent: Bollywood Fusion Dance
Platform: Upward Mobility: College Access for Low Income and Minority Students
Miss South Carolina Rachel WyattMiss South Carolina 2016 Rachel Wyatt
Talent: Dance
Platform: Autism Speaks
Miss South Dakota Julia Caroline OlsonMiss South Dakota 2016 Julia Olson
Talent: Classical Vocal
Platform: Worth It
Miss Tennessee Grace Burgess ColorMiss Tennessee 2016 Grace Burgess
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Ready, Set, Read! Encouraging A Love for Reading
Miss Texas Caroline CarothersMiss Texas 2016 Caroline Carothers
Talent: Baton Twirling
Platform: With + Math = I Can
Miss Utah Lauren Makelle WilsonMiss Utah 2016 Lauren Wilson
Talent: Dance
Platform: With Help Comes Hope: Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Miss Vermont Rylee FieldMiss Vermont 2016 Rylee Field
Talent: Monologue
Platform: Find a Happy Place – Positive Mental Health & Wellness
Miss Virginia Michaela Gabriella SigmonMiss Virginia 2016 Michaela Gabriella Sigmon
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Making it Matter
Miss Washington Alicia Nicole CooperMiss Washington 2016 Alicia Cooper
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Live on Purpose: Defining Your Legacy
Miss West Virginia Morgan BreedenMiss West Virginia 2016 Morgan Breeden
Talent: Piano
Platform: Bullies Beware: I Have a Lion in My Heart
Miss Wisconsin Courtney PelotMiss Wisconsin 2016 Courtney Pelot
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Open Books, Open Opportunity: Promoting Literacy in Our Communities
Miss Wyoming 2016 Jordyn HallMiss Wyoming 2016 Jordyn Hall
Talent: Lyrical Jazz Dance
Platform: Shatter the Silence – Stop the Violence (SSSV)